Why we want to do it different

Are You deciding who to choose for Your next film or video production? Here are a few benefits of working with an agile, professional, experienced Film & Video Production Agency that is committed to doing the best work.

Momentum and stopping the treacle!

Projects that build momentum always turn out the best. Momentum gets projects over those little road humps that would otherwise slow a project to a standstill. Without it, projects get stuck, creativity becomes paralysed, and everyone starts to double guess themselves. Everything becomes inefficient, frustrating and exhausting – like wading through treacle.

It isn’t about speed of delivery or getting it done and out the way – we love what we do – it’s about being able to consistently do our best work and to exceed expectations. It also allows Us to move to the next with a smile, reinvigorated about what’s in front of us and ready to go again.

We’re a Film & Video Production Agency and we move from one project – film or video production – to the next. We don’t work on retainers, so jumping from one production to the next is part of the excitement (jeopardy) of what we do. Being able to do it with vigour and wide-eyed curiosity is the trick, so avoiding the dreaded treacle is important if we’re to achieve the high standards that we set ourselves.

Fig 1: A survey by otter.ai lays bare time spent on wasteful meetings.

Doing it differently.

We think our approach is a little different to other agencies and We want to double down on these differences from this point onwards. We really want to differentiate ourselves from that agency… You know the type: The one whose default setting is to include another slide in a 80 slide deck. Who has dozens of people in meetings, most of whom You don’t know how they’re contributing to your production. Who starts every meeting with “a quick update” which takes up 70% of the meeting; leaving little time to go through points that can actually move Your project forward. The one that leaves You thinking if it can’t articulate its plan for You in a neat and succinct way, then perhaps they aren’t Your best partner to articulate Your brand message?


Firstly, we’re limiting the number of projects We take on. Just two per month. That way We’re able to focus on doing the best work not the most work.

Of course if we have a slot this month then We’ll bite your arm off. But then We’ve realised there is no such thing as talking to Us too early about a production. In fact the sooner You do – the better We can help You mould Your production; whether it be guidance on budgets, embellishing creativity or navigating Your ambition. Getting in early also means We can get all the production’s ducks in a line; logistics like booking preferred crew, but also allowing a proper gestation of ideas.

We begin every project with a robust and sincere conversation about how best to allocate Your budget.  We want to be Your best film & video production agency partner and to do that we want to advise not just execute … there’s lots of agencies that do that already, besides the experience and know-how gathered since 2008 means our counsel is a-okay!

We want you to have full transparency and front row seats to Your film & video productions; We give full breakdowns of costs before we start.

Close proximity means We don’t have accounts people in Our teams; You’ll be working directly with the film & video producers. And Our close proximity to Your brand allows us to better understand Your project and the brand messaging.

We’re encouraging clients (70% are returning clients) to share their content calendars three months’ ahead of time. So they can pencil Us in and so We can start thinking about their project in advance. Why? Because that dreaded treacle can start accumulating with the very avoidable rush into production. To encourage this We’re shaving off a half from Our usual production fee for clients that engage Us three months from the date of delivery. Let it rain!

We like to think this whole process is a lot more authentic. In a world where authenticity is sadly at a premium this approach continues into the work We do – check out Our portfolio to see for Yourself, and if You have a couple of minutes fill out Our survey here to help Us better understand what folks like You are looking for when it comes to choosing a Film & Video Production Agency.


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