Why we want to do it different

Doing the same and expecting different results … not us. We want to do it differently.

Why? Because we want to make videos that are different from the rest.

We’re not like that agency… You know the type: The one whose default setting is to include another slide in a 80-slide-deck. Who has dozens of people in meetings, (most of whom you don’t know how they’re contributing to your project). Who starts every meeting with “a quick update,” leaving no time to go through the things that can actually move your project forward.


Fig 1: A survey by otter.ai lays bare time spent on wasteful meetings.


We begin every project with a robust and sincere conversation about what you want to achieve. Blue sky ideas, creative, frank and fun.

We draw from all areas of what is in our portfolio (and elsewhere), experience we’ve gained since 2008. We embellish and think through all of the directions your video could take.

We want to be your best video production partner and to do that we want to advise not just execute. There’s already heaps of agencies that can execute, we want to do more – broaden, explore and sometimes challenge the direction of the project’s aims – and we think our experience and approach make us the perfect partner to so.

Next up are conversations about what is achievable with what money and in what timeframe. Sometimes this means we return to creative conversations and we have to realign our excitement to fit your ambitions. All good, that’s the process!

Once we think we have something that sends your message into orbit we map out the creative alongside a full proposed budget breakdown.

Close proximity means we don’t have accounts people in our teams; you’ll be working directly with producers. We want you to have full transparency and front row seats to the production of your video. Working shoulder-to-shoulder means we better understand your project, your brand and purpose.

This process means we not only deliver a great video production that is distinctly different BUT it allows us to retain invaluable knowledge of your brand, a working relationship and an understanding of the type of messages you want to communicate … all handy things to have the next time you need a video production.

300 successful projects and a return rate of 7/10 clients, means we’re gonna keep doing it differently! 😉 Besides being the same as everyone else is boring.


Team Hurrah!

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