About the project

When the idea was outlined we really felt that we could bring something fun, and the team started discussing specifics straight away with AKA (PR company for Movember – who briefed us in on the project). AKA helped to pull together logistics and the occasional favour, which really helped the initial momentum of the project.

The enthusiasm might have wavered with the workload and the timeframes but instead it gathered, energizing not just the team but also the protagonists involved; everyone wanted to participate and be part of something bigger than the individual parts.

The final film – Beach – saw the most success; YouTube featured the film as its header the following year, receiving nearly 100K views in less than 48 hours, no small task.

If you watch each of the films carefully you’ll see cameos by the Chums, their friends and families; James’ son Rocco smashes the guitar in the Biker episode, Johnboy Iype John is a consistent throughout the trilogy, Mads Baekevold and Klas Eriksson are both doing their very best to look bad on the volleyball court, Gabrielle Riggir is blowing bubbles on the beach, and you might see the sultry shadow of Russell Morton in the barber. The beautiful and soulful trilogy is a reflection of the people behind the films – all of whom remain Chums, despite – at the time of writing – leaving Hurrah for fairer shores.

The Result

Each year the Movember charity holds the Moscars – a tongue-in-cheek parody on the Oscars – where the best film submitted to raise the profile of Movember takes home the bragging rights for the year.

We threw our hat into the ring and made a Mo-legy of films promoting the charity in 2014.

Inspired by the freedom of the brief and the great cause we jumped in and put our full weight into the films. Talking to our tight group of freelancers that regularly work with us it seemed our eagerness was contagious.

Our efforts were rewarded when we picked up the Moscar that year, something we’re hugely proud of; hopefully the film helped raise awareness for the charity, maybe changing the lives of a mo-bro or mo-sister somewhere. But equally from this series of short films came the Chums idea. To be a Chum you have had to have worked closely with Hurrah in some way – whether fulltime or as a freelancer. There is no actual realization or handing out of medals or waving of swords, but once you’re a Chum you’ll know it, and like being a Jedi you become a Chum for life. Being a Chum is a collaboration where fellow Chums put a helping hand into other Chum’s projects, and once momentum is built Hurrah picks up the bill for any costings – gear, editing equipment and time from the working week to invest in the project.

Winning the Moscars for the Movember Foundation remains one of our proudest accomplishments – not just because of the outcome but because of the collaboration and coming together of impassioned people for something good.

Other films in the series

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