The Minute List

The Result

The Minute List is our very own online TV platform. Initially we spent the occasional afternoon documenting what our city – and now other cities – has to offer for all things food, coffee and booze. It started with ten one-minute films, then 20 films then 50 and a website; now we’re well past 100 films and our audience is growing on Facebook, YouTube and Instagram all the time.

We wanted to pioneer an online TV channel with high production values, but with content that had purpose beyond “that’s a nice film.”

With a spare 5 minutes you can watch a handful of films on, hopefully be entertained then with the click of a few buttons make a reservation.

Around the spine of 1-minute films we’ve been busy making other series that explore the subject matter further. We now have over 80 participating venues, and because the people collating the list are those that live for all things coffee, booze and food – the chefs, bartenders & baristas – it’s making waves within the industry AND with brands that want association.

It’s been an expedition into how to build a digital platform and garner an organic and real following that is constantly engaged. We’ve learnt new things about how to build and maintain an audience and how to monetize our own content. It’s been a very fruitful expedition and got us thinking about how we can expand the platform AND how to replicate the platform away from F&B. Of course it’s also been a great calling card as our audience is sometimes future customers.


We realised no one else has created quality aspirational, real, lifestyle-oriented, localized video content around F&B experiences, whilst it was clear that brands and other platforms were eager to get in on it. So we took it upon ourselves to jump in and take the lead – as is often the case at Hurrah.

We knew no one would really give two hoots about food recommendations from a bunch of gear-head film-makers – despite what we felt we thought we knew on the subject. So from the outset we went about making the whole platform revolve around the movers and shakers in the business, that way from the moment viewers arrive at they should know that it’s curated by the industry, not motivated by a quick buck or by a venue paying us to be featured on the site.

We want to show our clients what’s possible when they build and own high-quality, beautiful content – which continues to connect with people for months and years after it’s uploaded, and to some extent we wanted to practice what we preach.

We recognise it’s going to be an on-going piece of work and that we might never get *done* with it – which is refreshing and energizing in a way. It keeps our creative juices flowing and our sense of adventure intact. We’re making interesting connections by joining up the dots with partners that want in on our content and can offer our viewers something unique, and it’s been fun to be in start-up phase on a project again.

We are pretty convinced that the best is yet to come!

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